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The dress of bridegroom is incomplete without these wedding turbans.  it is a traditional Pajami Kurta, shervani or a formal business suit, these caps brings a glow on the face of every bridegroom. In Hindi, a turban is called a pagri or safa. The word "turban" is a common umbrella term used in English to refer to any sort of head wrap regardless of region or culture. The long strip of cloth was soaked in water at a well, and then wrapped around the head. The layers of wet cloth kept wet all day in the hot dry air.
Rajasthani turbans
Wearing Rajasthani turbanJats and Rajputs from the Indian state of Rajasthan wear distinctive turbans. Rajputs traditionally wear coloured turbans where as Jats wear white turbans. The Marwaris wear light coloured turbans. Many styles of turbans are found in Rajasthan; it is said that the style of the turban changes with every 15 km you travel. In some areas, especially in Rajasthan the turban's size may indicate the position of the person in society. 'Royalty' in different parts of India have distinctly different styles of turbans, as do the 'peasants', who often just wear a towel wound around

Mysori turbans
The people of the Indian districts of Mysore and Kodagu wear turbans called Mysore peta. Distinguished people are honored by the award of a Mysore peta in a formal ceremony. In Kodagu district people wear it with traditional dress on special occasions such as marriages.

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